Baha'i House of Worship, Wilmette, Illinois. Photograph (C)1997

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Administrative Bodies and Communities

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Other Lists of Communities

  • - Community Listings
  • Bahai-Directory.Org - Lists 85 Bahá'í Communities, mostly National Sites.
  • See also Planet Baha'i for listings and descriptions of many communities around the world.
  • See List of websites hosted at (BCI). Bahá'í Communications International (BCI) provides free webspace, email, and support services to Bahá'í institutions worldwide. (BCI) also provides free POP3 electronic mailboxes and mail forwarding
  • See also BCCA's List of Communities
  • - A geographic locator for Bahá'í activities, Bahá'í Centers and many more Bahá'í locations around the world.



National Spiritual Assemblies

A list provided by the International Baha'i Community


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