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Welcome to the soc.religion.bahai website! This website concerns the newsroup soc.religion.bahai and its equivalent mailing list, bahai-faith@bcca.org. The newsgroup acts as a non-threatening forum for discussing and sharing information about the tenets, history, and texts of the Bahá'í Faith.

Welcome To Soc.Religion.Bahai
What is soc.religion.bahai? SRB is a Usenet Newsgroup that focuses on the Bahá'í Faith. The most current charter will answer questions concerning membership and use.

An Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith
If you are not familiar with the Bahá'í Faith you may want to read a brief introduction that cover the beliefs and history of the Bahá'í Faith.

Books About The Bahá'í Faith
If you are looking for books about the Bahá'í Faith you may want to review the short bibilography maintained on this site.

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