Philosopher's Stone/Gold Transmutation

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Dear Bahai's, In searching for information relating to the following idea in the Kitab'i'Aqdas: >
> ... We have appointed two signs for
> the coming of age of the human race: the first, which is
> the most firm foundation, We have set down in other of
> Our Tablets, while the second hath been revealed in
> this wondrous Book.
> Note 194. We have appointed two signs for the coming of
> age of the human race # 189
> The first sign of the coming of age of humanity referred to
> in the Writings of Baha'u'llah is the emergence of a science
> which is described as that "divine philosophy" which will
> include the discovery of a radical approach to the
> transmutation of elements. This is an indication of the
> splendours of the future stupendous expansion of knowledge,

I came across a book titled In Pursuit of Gold Alchemy, in Theory and Practice, by Lapidus, which sets forth the process used by the alchemists in the past. He ties together all of the confusing clues given by the masters who concealed their knowledge in riddles and "Gibberish" and presents them in their own words. He essentially abridges all of their writings into one understandable treatise, and sums up the process of transmuting base metals into gold as "...simple..." and "...child's play..." The key is knowing the exact ingredients, temperatures, heating times, stages, etc, all of which are exposed in his book. Whether or not it is the process which will ultimately fulfill the description of "the discovery of a radical approach to the transmutation of elements" remains to be seen, but it certainly appears to be the classical technique of gold transmutation. You can find it on the web at You can also get it through e-mail. Send a message to; with "get goldindex" as the message. You will get a 30k index with instructions. It's the file called pursuit(1-7).txt.

These are the classical "adepts/masters" he sites in the work.

Ali-Puli, Epistles, 1951. Anonymous German Alchemist, Hermetic Triumpth, 1723. Artephius, Secret Book, 1624. Bacon, Roger, Root of the World (Radix Mundi), 1692. Hamilton-Jones, J. W., Bacstrom's Alchemical Anthology, 1960. Hermes Trismegistus, The Golden Treatise, 1692. Kelley, Edward, "Book of St. Dunstans" (in Alchemical Writings, 1893). Maier, Michael, Atalanta Fugiens, 1617. Paracelsus, "Theory of Alchemy" (in Works, 1894). Philalethes, Eirenaeus, Marrow of Alchemy, 1654. Ripley Revived, 1678. Pontanus, John, Sophic Fire, 1624.

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